Oscar believes that women should not blend into the background, but rather be confident, sexy, and feel special, aspects that he makes sure to include in all of his designs.

His designs not only focus on making women look good, but feel good. Every week he made sure to “make it work” and constantly brought in fabulous garments that the judges loved. Renowned costume designer and stylist Jen Rade praised his designs, describing them as “Fabulous and light years above and beyond everything else she has seen on the runway. Co-judge and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire USA, Zanna Roberts Rassi also pointed out one of his designing aptitudes – “You have a very refined way of constructing garments that make them look very expensive.” During the season finale, guest judge, supermodel, and Project Runway host Heidi Klum also said it had been a long time since she had the honor of knowing a designer with so much talent.But even after having been the winner of Under The Gunn Season 1, his successes have not gone to his head. Those that have had the privilege of working with him backstage can attest to his humble, and down-to-earth nature. Throughout the season he could be found helping out his opponents when he had time on his hands after finishing a project before everyone else, and in the words of his mentor, Nick Verreos during the show, even cleaning out his space and sweeping the workroom floor. Oscar describes that "[he is] certainly enjoying the show and all the glory, but most importantly, [he is] loving the opportunity to share [his] passion with a much larger audience." He highlights how "this has always been [his] ultimate dream and it is now a reality.”